He’ll Never Get What I Do – sung by Jeff Blumenkrantz

Bonus Episode #4: I warned you that there’d be a few bonus episodes coming up….

This week it’s “He’ll Never Get What I Do”, written for a musical entitled Hush, which dealt with the relationship between a gay theatre composer and a deaf video artist. This song is sung by the composer and is pretty self-explanatory. Music and lyrics by me. Recorded 5/2/06.

As for Hush, I worked on it for a while with the marvelous playwright, Tina Howe, but we couldn’t crack the story to our mutual satisfaction, so it’s on the shelf. Writing an original musical is a complicated proposition, to say the least. Makes me REALLY appreciate the ones out there that work…

…like, for instance, my favorite new musical, The Drowsy Chaperone, which opened on Broadway last night. It’s directed by a certain Mr. Casey Nicholaw, whom I met doing my first show in NY (The Pajama Game at the Equity Library Theatre – Does that date us or what?). Seeing his spectacular production of The Drowsy Chaperone left me awestruck and in tears (literally, hysterical tears of pride, joy, and awe). The show is heaven – don’t miss it!

Meanwhile, some of the fabulous people I got to chat with at the opening night party:

George Lee Andrews, the longest-running actor on Broadway, and star of my favorite teen-years album, Starting Here, Starting Now. George is an admitted listener of this podcast, and I’m honored.

Nellie McKay is the brilliant Polly Peachum in the new Threepenny Opera at the Roundabout. She has no idea who I am or that I have a podcast, but I enjoyed chatting with her, and I love her songwriting and her fancy debut double CD, Get Away From Me.

And last but not least, the kids from [title of show] were all there. They recently ended their initial run at the Vineyard, but they’ll be back there this summer for a recently-announced return engagement! Dare I see it a 6th time? I dare! Don’t miss this one either.


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