I’m Free – sung by Sally Wilfert

Episode #4: Hooray!! Another special guest star, this time the amazing Sally Wilfert (Assassins, Tom Sawyer, King David), who sings “I’m Free,” from the one-act musical, Precious Little Jewel, with lyrics (and book) by Libby Saines and music by me. Recorded 12/29/05.

Look for Sally in Rob Kapilow’s upcoming What Makes It Great concerts in LA and Boston, as well as The Jeff Blumenkrantz Songbook Concert live at Birdland in NYC on February 13th.

For more info about Jeff, the songbook, and upcoming concerts, visit jeffblumenkrantz.com.

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  1. John Cutright

    oh wow, I just googled Sally on a whim to see what she was doing these days. What a fabulous treat to find this link and to get to hear her beautiful once again. Jeff was so dead-on when he remarked on her mind blowing phrasing. I’m doubly grateful to be turned onto such a wonderful songwriter. Jeff, I’ll certainly subscribe to your podcast and hope that you invite to peform Sally again and again.

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