P.A.’s Turn – sung by Jeff Blumenkrantz

Bonus Episode #3: Stalling… stalling…. There are only three more songbook songs left! And the amazing singers who are scheduled to record them aren’t available for a spell, so it’s time for another bonus episode.

This week, I took a little detour down memory lane and picked a song in honor of my upcoming trip to my alma mater, Northwestern University, for the 75th anniversary of the big, splashy, student-written extravaganza, The WAA-MU Show. As a student at Northwestern, I contributed songs to all four WAA-MU shows (1983-1986) and performed in two of them, as well. It was an amazing and formative experience, particularly as a young songwriter, to see and hear my songs so fully realized (i.e. professional orchestrations for a 30 piece orchestra, huge ensemble, major production values, etc.).

“P.A.’s Turn” was written for the ’84 show. It was a tribute to the great pull the show has over its participants, as a production assistant (PA) aspires to WAA-MU greatness. Recorded 4/24/06.

The song has music by me, and lyrics by myself and my (still to this day) dear friend, Tracy Christensen, whose name you may recognize as the wonderful costume designer of such productions as this season’s Broadway charmer, Souvenir, starring Judy Kaye, and Candide at the New York Philharmonic, filmed for PBS/Great Performances, starring Patti Lupone and Kristin Chenoweth (and featuring yours truly as Maximillian).

“P.A.’s Turn” was originally sung by my WAA-MU muse, Marietta DePrima, whom you may know from her extensive TV acting career. (You can see her for a flash at 1:40 in this video from The Hughleys!)


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