Vouloir – played by Peter Sachon

Bonus Episode #5: If Yo Yo Ma is the cello star of the classical world, I’m going to say that Peter Sachon is the cello star of the musical theatre world. Not only has he played on such wonderful shows (and recordings) as the recent Broadway revival of Fiddler on the Roof, Off Broadway’s A Man of No Importance and The Thing About Men, and the magically delicious The Light in the Piazza, but he’s an entrepreneur as well.

Peter hatched the idea to approach a handful of composers/orchestrators/musical directors and ask them each to contribute an original cello piece to a program he called The Cello Project, which he performed in March 2005 at Symphony Space, courtesy of The New Voices Collective. (Some of the composers represented on that bill were Stephen Schwartz, Michael John La Chiusa, Bruce Coughlin, Steve Marzullo, and myself.)

The evening was such a success that he followed it up with The Cello Project II roughly a year later, adding Stephen Flaherty, Ricky Ian Gordon, Jeff Marx, Andrew Lippa and Ted Sperling (among others) to the list of contributors. The music was wonderful, and the playing was virtuosic. (Not to mention, he’s pretty easy on the eyes.)

On today’s bonus episode (and just to be clear, bonus episode means that the featured song does NOT appear in my published songbook), Peter plays my contribution to The Cello Project, “Vouloir,” written for cello and piano. Recorded 5/5/06.


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  1. I’ve known Peter just as a regular ol’ person for almost a year, but it wasn’t until Cello Project II that I finally had an opportunity to hear him play. Of course I already knew he was intensely easy on the eyes, but I knew the real test lay on how easy he was on the ears. To say he blew me away is perhaps the biggest understatement I can possibly make. I am still daydreaming about the performance.

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