“Welcome to My Apartment” – sung by Julia Murney

Warning: ADULT SEXUAL CONTENT in this episode
OK, you’re been warned.

Month Upon a Time, Episode #5 (October): For a podcast that avoids repeat guests, I sure do a lot of double-dipping. But as you’ll soon see, it’s obvious why nobody but Julia Murney could sing this song….

As I was reviewing the October ideas that had been sent to me, I couldn’t help noting Eloise Akehurst‘s suggestion that I write a song about “Julia Murney’s Cocktober.” It was certainly a noteworthy trio of words, but probably not a song. Meanwhile, I was working with Jason Robert Brown at the time, and I asked him to give me an idea for an October-themed song, and he replied, “Julia Murney’s Cocktober.” Well, then it started to seem like a downright challenge. Besides, when two people give you the same idea and it’s as specific (and outrageous) as this one, it’s time to do some research. So I tracked down Julia to get the first-hand version of the story,

and thus this song was born.

It’s not an accurate retelling – the names and dates have been changed to protect the innocent – but it was certainly inspired by her oh-so-true story.

Since her last visit to the podcast, Julia has kept busy as the belty green gal on tour and Broadway, not to mention pursuing an active concert and, as evidenced here, voice-over career. Also, her debut CD, I’m Not Waiting, which had yet to be released the last time she was on the podcast, is now available!

This month finds her back on the boards in the new Michael John LaChiusa musical, Queen of the Mist, with The Transport Group. It’s so nice to have her back where she belongs.

This episode was recorded October 30, 2011.